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My Publishing Journey | Guided Journal for Authors

My Publishing Journey

Have you considered that a book may be just the first step in your journey? Having walked with our authors through many excursions, we’ve seen careers change, travels to unknown destinations, fears dissipate, and countless other lives change simply because someone like you had the courage to publish a book.

Now you can record every step of that journey in a beautiful guided journal from the professionals at TLC Graphics. My Publishing Journey allows you to document each moment that makes your publishing journey so special — whether you’re thinking about writing, in the midst of the process, or have already finished your book. It’s like a baby book with instructions!

Take a tour through each stage of the publishing process while you fill in the details of your own unique journey. This journal is sprinkled with uplifting anecdotes, delightful artwork, and valuable advice from publishing professionals to inform and inspire you along the way. Once completed, this journal will become a treasured keepsake.

The ideal gift for your
favorite author!

Encourage your favorite author — even it’s you — with this innovative book. My Publishing Journey combines publishing guidance and a beautiful, full-color journal in a lovely hardcover binding. It’s like an author’s baby book, complete with instructions, and is sure to become a treasured keepsake.

Peek Inside:

My Publishing Journey inside pages
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This gorgeous hardcover keepsake is just $19.95.
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*Bulk order discounts are available. Pricing is on the “Buy Now” page. If you are a publishing professional and want to discuss working together to offer this book to your students or clients, please contact Tami. We’d love to be part of your team!

People Love This Journal!

“This book gives great tips for writing, publishing and marketing your book. Then, as you answer the questions you will create your production team and write your marketing plan, step by step. And you will find it uniquely satisfying years from now when you look back to see how far you have come in your publishing journey.”
– Brian Jud, author, How to Make Real Money Selling Books and the Executive Director of the Association of Publishers for Special Sales
“There is something really sacred about your publishing journey and this magnificent book helps capture that journey to keep and reflect back on as you venture into this new and exciting world!”

– Penny C. Sansevieri CEO Author Marketing Experts, Inc. & Adjunct Professor NYU


“It’s like having your best girlfriend (who happens to be a publishing expert!) share her insider’s secrets and hold your hand on each step of the publishing journey. And do so with flair!”
– Sandra Poirier Smith, President of Smith Publicity, Inc., Book Marketing and Promotion
“A charming guide that will educate you about publishing while at the same time providing a journal of your publishing journey that you will treasure for years to come. This is the most visually delightful book about publishing I’ve ever seen.”
– Joel Friedlander, TheBookDesigner.com
“Keeping a book on track has more moving parts than a cowboy riding a bronco in the rodeo ring. My Publishing Journey is a companion you’ll want to have along for every step of your first publishing odyssey and every one thereafter. In addition, as you answer the questions and develop the ideas posed you are mapping your own personal publishing handbook.”
– Mary Gunderson, History Cooks®, author of The Food Journal of Lewis & Clark: Recipes for an Expedition and other food history books.